This flashlight multi-tool can jumpstart your car

Transcript: A handy multi-tool for your car. The CarAIDE Multi-tool 3X is an 18-in-1 tool. It’s a flashlight that can be used as a power source to jumpstart your vehicle. It can jump most cars, boats, motorcycles, or ATV’s using a 12V battery. You can also use it to charge your phone and laptop. The handy flashlight can also be used to cut seat belts or break windows in an emergency. It can even be used as an alarm. The CarAIDE Multi-tool 3X currently has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon and is priced at $189. Check the description to learn more.

After this video was wrapped, we did some additional digging and found the CarAIDE Multi-tool 3X at a huge discount at for just $99, so that’s the source linked below. If you’re more of an Amazon person, though, the JumpSmart portable car jump starter is an alternative tool also providing a powerful LED light and a power source to jumpstart your vehicle, available at just $79.99.  

CarAIDE Multi-tool 3X – $99.00 at

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