Homebrew Audi Allroad overlander is actually an A4 NoRoad

Automotive scribe types are known not just for their adoration of station wagons (me included), but their cult-like respect for a brown station wagon (I’m flexible here). Since we’re starting with a brown, 2015 Audi Allroad, we’re already in the money even though the hauler lacks a manual transmission. It’s hard to upgrade from here without components that needed to come stock, like an earlier provenance, or a vinyl roof, or a velvet interior, but northern California resident Gene Pascua has rung the bell with this one. Spotted by Uncrate, Pascua turned his Allroad into an elevated beast that punches its ticket to tackle no roads. He told Motor1 that was never the intent… until it was. He bought the Allroad for its ability to swallow cargo and his two dogs. In 2018, while his friendly neighborhood Audi wagon owners turned their rides into stanced belly scrapers, Pascua decided to go all the way in the other direction.

A Google search pulls up a number of lifted Allroads, even some with roof racks and driving lights, so that wouldn’t be enough for a mention here. Pascua started with a custom suspension lift aided by CA Tuned Off-Road, perched on a chunky set of Toyo Open Country A/T tires wrapping Rotiform wheels. The rack carries a Thule awning on one side, a set of MaxTrax on the other, jerry cans and a spare tire between them. The custom fabbed rear ladder loaded with a fire extinguisher and rope seems more aesthetic than practical, but we dig the wilderness rescue vibe. Under the hood, an APR Stage 2 tune, new intake and downpipe add heart to the 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder.

The most attention-getting mod might also be the most useful. Pascua installed a 40-inch, sixteen-light Rigid Industries Adapt light bar on the roof, two rear-facing lights on the Front Runner roof rack that contains its own rear lights, two more lights in the grille, and another illuminated bar that shines through the lower front fascia. A Redarc Electronics dual battery system keeps the electronics juiced, a Switch Pros SP9100 controller turns the Audi into a moving light show, and a Midland Communications Radio puts out the word on the off chance something goes amiss in the hinterlands.    

As for that lovely shade of brown, it’s a wrap over the original silver body. We don’t know how it fares on the trail, but it looks good. 

Speaking of which, the Allroad has more than 100,000 miles, and Pascua’s Facebook and Instragram prove plenty of those miles weren’t passed on the pavement. If someone told us the shots in the snow were from a stint as a Monte Carlo Rally support vehicle, we’d never guess otherwise. He keeps good company, too — one of the photos shows the Audi partnered up on trail with a 996-series Porsche 911 Carrera 4S sporting a roof rack and awning. Chapeau, Mr. Pascua.

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