GMC Hummer pickup and SUV previewed in video, set to be revealed in fall

GMC has just provided us with our first good look at the upcoming Hummer EV pickup and SUV. A video was posted online previewing the two models that also happens to feature LeBron James. From clay sculptures to prototypes in various levels of completeness, GM is allowing the world a sneak preview of what’s to come.

A couple of the more revealing images come in silhouette photos of both the truck and SUV at the end of the video. The truck has a big four-door crew cab and an exceptionally small bed behind it. The angle from cab to bed is also notable. It’s not easy to see exactly what’s going on since it’s shrouded in darkness, but when we saw the Hummer pickup, it was rocking sail panels that resemble the ones on the truck we’re looking at.

The truck’s general shape is off-road oriented with squared-off, sharp lines tracing the entire silhouette. Its big, knobby tires and blocky wheels are clear indicators of what GM was aiming for with this electric pickup. As for the SUV, comparisons to the Ford Bronco four-door will be inevitable. If our eyes are picking up the scale of this photo correctly, though, the Hummer SUV appears to be a slightly larger vehicle than the four-door Bronco is. Although, the wheelbase for the SUV is shorter than that of the Hummer truck. That’ll help it off-road. Those small bumpers and short overhangs along with the bumper cutouts should be hugely beneficial to approach and departure angles, as well.

GMC’s shots of the Hummer in the studio are equally as revealing. We can see what looks to be an intense front skid plate and two big tow hooks. In addition to the off-road gear, GMC has allowed a look at the frunk. The front “grille” is one piece with the hood of the truck, so the whole assembly pulls up. That makes for what appears to be a very easy-to-load front trunk compared to other EVs that force you to lift items up and over the front of the car.

The whole removable roof assembly is exposed in this video, too. We can see the crossbars that the removable panels attach to and also what the truck looks like with the tops removed. The SUV appeared to have removable roof panels from our short glimpse of it in a studio awhile back.

Other new details GM mentioned in the video include Adrenaline Mode, Crab Mode and Next-Gen Super Cruise. We don’t know what Adrenaline Mode or Crab Mode do yet, but they’re certainly off-road modes that GM has designed specifically for this electric Hummer.

Finally, we got a reveal time: Fall 2020. GM will give us something more specific as the time approaches, but the wait won’t be long at this point. Once it’s revealed, GM says you’ll be able to reserve the Hummer online for delivery in fall 2021. That means we’re just a little over a year away from being able to drive the electric Hummer truck and SUV.

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