Trying to get the most out of remote learning this semester?

Thanks to the fact that we’re all currently living in the weirdest timeline, many more college students than normal could be continuing their studies remotely this year. This could present an interesting challenge for both first-time college students as well as veterans of the game who are accustomed to being on campus and studying in person. If you’re not sure what you might need to help you get through the semester, this list is a good place to start.

Razer Blade 15 Gaming Laptop – $1,331.97 (17% off) at

Alright, you might be seeing this and thinking “Wait a minute, why would I need a gaming laptop for school?” Well, it’s not really about the “gaming” aspect here, but more so that this is a solid all-around laptop and you’ll probably need one of those throughout college and the rest of your life, and this one is on sale. It’s packing a 15.6″ HD screen, a 9th Gen Intel Core i7-9750H, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti, 256GB PCIe SSD, and 16GB RAM. Outside of it being a beast for anything you’ll need during your studies, don’t discount the need for leisure time during college either. Yes, it’s important to take your studies seriously, but an important part of success is having moments to relax as well. If your favored type of relaxation is video gaming, then this laptop could easily kill two birds with one stone over your college career. You can pick it up right here for 17% off

HP 15.6″ Laptop with Windows 10 – $319.99 (9% off) at

It’s 2020 and realistically, if you can swing it, most people are probably going to want a mid- to top-tier laptop that will last you a few years. But of course, not everyone wants to spend that much on a computer. So what’s the next best thing? A solid laptop that’s “good enough.” While the extra RAM and processing power of the previous example is nice, it’s not necessarily a “need-to-have” for many people. If you’re sure you only need a laptop to watch lessons, write papers and send emails, this will be more than enough. If that’s more your speed, you can learn more about this laptop by clicking right here.

JLab Studio Wired On-Ear Headphones – $19.99 at

No matter which laptop you decide to go with, one thing will remain the same: You’ll need a good pair of headphones to go with it. If you’ll be listening to and participating in lectures, we’d recommend a pair of over-ear headphones (to block out some of the background noise) with a microphone attached. You can definitely just use a pair of Apple Earpods for this as well if you have a pair laying around, but if not, these headphones are a solid choice that should be everything you need. You can check them out for just $20 right here

Apple iPad Mini Wi-Fi Only (2019 Model) – $349.99 (13% off) at

Outside of laptops, which are absolutely necessary, it’s probably not a bad idea to consider something like a tablet for your college studies as well. Tablets are one of those things that you just don’t realize how much you’ll use until you have one. Depending on if you’re using physical or digital textbooks this year, a tablet is a far more efficient way to read than on a laptop screen. It’s also great for quickly checking email, joining video calls, and of course burning a few minutes with games. Everyone’s individual tablet needs will be different, but if you think you could benefit from one, this iPad Mini is currently 13% off bringing the total price down to just $349.99.

Five Star 1 Subject College Ruled Spiral Notebook – $2.49 (11% off) at

It’s a digital world, but let’s be honest, sometimes there’s just nothing better than a good old-fashioned notebook for scribbling down your thoughts. If you’re still a pen-and-paper kind of person, you can pick up a bunch of these notebooks here for $2.49 a pop.

Desktop Storage Unit Wood – Threshold – $13.99 at

Another helpful “old school” accessory you might need while studying from home is a desk organizer. This will keep your pencils, highlighters and notes organized, unless you like living in a constant state of chaos. This simple wooden desktop storage unit should be everything you need for some basic organization. You can check it out right here for $13.99.

DIY Color Changing Lightbox Novelty LED Table Lamp Black – Room Essentials – $24.99 at

Last but not least, if you’re stuck at home for school this year, as silly as it might sound, it’s crucially important to make sure you make the vibe of your space as positive as possible. This is purely a “vibe” accessory. If this particular desk accessory isn’t your style, all good, but definitely consider getting something a little extra for your study space whether it be a cool light sign, a plant, a painting, a little plush for your desk, or anything at all that can make the space seem more like yours. Learning is always harder if you’re not comfortable, so be comfortable in your space! This totally customizable light sign could be a cool way to do that, and you can check it out here for $24.99

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